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Drum Lessons by Alain Rieder

A tradition of excellence, for 40 years!

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  • For students of all ages and levels.
  • I'm a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.
  • I am the author of a fine drum book available worldwide.
  • Courses are given in English or French.

Whatever your needs and ambition, I help you to develop your musicality in an optimal and progressive way,

Experience the pleasure of learning in a friendly way with a qualified musician.

Course Offers

Individual Courses

  • Lessons are individual and weekly.
  • You receive 100% of my attention, and the regularity allows you to progress optimally.
  • It is possible to have double lessons as well as more than one lesson per week.

5-day intensive courses

  • One individual lesson per day for five days.
  • For an improvement or an initiation.
  • To prepare a recording, a concert, an exam or just for fun.
  • Lessons are single (50 min.) or double.

Groove Studio

  • The courses take place in Geneva, Switzerland, in the Servette area, in a well-equipped basement room, a couple of steps away from a tram stop, and two stops from the Cornavin train station.

  • In the room there are two professional quality drumsets, and a comfortable headphone system.

  • Lessons may include help or advice in the field of musical computer skills applied to music and practicing.

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Zoom Courses

  • Courses can also be held by videoconference, in English or French, wherever you are in the world.
  • I have an electronic drumset, a pad, and two cameras. I use ZOOM preferably, but other solutions are possible, Skype or others.
  • On the student's side a drum set is suitable, acoustic or electronic, but a simple pad is enough to do serious work. Then you need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
  • In any case, it is mainly the student who works, I listen and advise!

Study topics and styles

  • Jazz : jazz time & coordination, standard tunes and structures, jazz classics, ensemble interpretation & big-band.
  • Blues : Songs and blues forms, authentic shuffle and slow blues playing, etc.
  • Soul, R&B, funk : R&B classics, Motown, James Brown classic grooves, etc.
  • Pop, rock, fusion : Tunes, songs & structures, odd meters, etc.
  • World : Afro cuban, brasilian, reggae & african styles.
  • Technique : Musical application of rudiments and melodic phrasing, polyrhythms and soloing over ostinatos.

Contact me for more information

You will receive full information about prices and course possibilities.

Drum Books by Alain Rieder

Time Initiation Drum Book

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Time Manipulation Drum Book

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  • Other innovative methods are currently being written, and my students are the first to have access to them.
  • In addition to my own methods, I may use the best books from other authors, including all the classics of drum study.
  • I can prepare you for exams from any Swiss or foreign school or university.

Student Testimonials

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    You brought me a practice methodology for a long time; through different and very patient approaches, you unblocked many difficulties I had encountered in speed, coordination and independence. I feel today that I have acquired more technique than ever before, without struggling and with my ears wide open.
    C. G.
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    My encounter with Alain changed my relationship to music and the instrument forever... His exercises demystify the most complex grooves by breaking them down methodically. As the measures go by, I enrich my playing in a linear way, without obstacles. Incredibly effective! Thank you Mr. Rieder!
    Maxime Beljanski
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    Great drum teacher with a lot of professionalism and knowledge. Excellent quality lessons, adapted to the level of each student, with a top level method, very efficient to make you progress. I highly recommend him!
    Foteini Lymperopoulou
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